A Few Words

About Me

Yusuff Akinkunmi

Hard Working

Leading Expert

My name is Yusuff Akinkunmi, I’m an experienced Full-stack developer have years experienced on shopify, droppshiping, E-ecommerce  developer, I know what Shopify apps to use to make a world of difference and I can Professionalism work on any only store pluggin such as woocommerce and others. You will be pleased by the results – and so will your customers who will be able to complete their purchases quickly and easily.

Useful Marketing

I Believe Passionately That Good Growth Marketing Essentials Are the Same.

I an e-commerce service agency, dedicated to providing you with e-commerce solutions of extraordinary quality. The talent, passion and creativity of our specialized designers are demonstrated in every project we take on.

The process is simple:

– I have a discussion about your needs / wants (custom order)

– I provide a scope of work (custom order)

– You purchase the gig and answer the requirement questions

– I brainstorm for design

– I create the design and then revise the process.

– I finalize the layout and upload it to the website or sandbox (as required)

– I will provide you with help in the case of occasional bugs or errors.

Creative in All Aspects

eCommerce, otherwise known as electronic commerce, is quite simply the process of online businesses and websites trading products and/or services, via the internet using technologies like electronic funds transfer, mobile commerce, internet marketing, online transaction processing, supply chain management and electronic data interchange. eCommerce is one of the most effective ways of conducting trade, as such is has quickly become one of the most effective business models.

In order to excel in the industry and have one of the most efficient business models in place, it is essential that you fully understand the eCommerce processes and procedures, becoming an expert in the subject yourself. In order to become a specialist or eCommerce experts, there are some essential key skills that you will need to form and develop upon, these skills are diverse and it is important that you ensure you develop the full range of skills you require, as they are all equally crucial